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VoiceAttack [1.8.9] Crack + Serial Key [2022] [Latest] Full Version Download


VoiceAttack  your voice as an additional controller to your PC games and apps, bringing them to a whole new level. With a full toolset, you can create your own macros to manage nearly every aspect of your Windows experience or add a whole new level of realism to the most recent simulations. Create a profile for each game in your game, each character in each game, and each Voice Attack program you use. The Voice Attack app’s design specifies that you can plug in your VoiceAttack 1.3.7 Serial Key Application, which is a short chore that will turn you into your own mini program and allow you to be identified by a private firm. Take the cost of a phone call and convert it to the cost of vehicle bodywork. Before you buy, decide the version you want. The keygen for VoiceAttack cannot be shared between versions (ie if you purchase the Website version you cannot use the Steam version even after purchasing it and vice versa). At the time of writing, only the internet VoiceAttack version is available as a trial (which isn’t time-limited, but only allows for a single profile with 20 commands and can’t be imported or exported). License for VoiceAttack.

VoiceAttack Activation Key:

The Voice Attack Crack for Mac allows you to control your PC games and applications with your voice. Make vocal commands so you may use your voice as a controller. For further immersion in your games, make your space freighter, mech, druid, or stand crew listen to your exact commands. Make vocal commands so you may use your voice as a controller. For further immersion in your games, make your space freighter, mech, druid, or stand crew listen to your exact commands. Voice Attack Free is frequently linked to virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Leap Motion. Voice control gives virtual reality an added degree of depth and immersion [especially when hands aren’t visible]. Using your microphone, you can convert commands into keystrokes. Run timed programs, process data, and perform standard operations. Before submitting data, make sure your microphone is compatible. VoiceAttack Alternative Crack makes games and apps more pleasurable to use by adding your voice as an additional controller. You must voice the commands into your microphone in order to use this program, and it will convert them into keystrokes and mouse movements. A comprehensive toolset enables you to write custom macros that control nearly every feature of Windows or add a new degree of immersion to simulators.

Key Features Of VoiceAttack:

  • Use your voice to control your games and simulators: With the speech commands you develop, you can use your voice as an additional controller. Spice up your games by giving specific orders to your space cargo ship, crew, robot, or druid, and immerse yourself in the world like never before.
  • Play music and/or sounds: Activate a random selection of your favorite tunes or get aural confirmation of your orders. You can select sounds at random from a list or from a directory containing.wav,.mp3,.aac,.ogg, or.FLAC files.
  • Control Other Apps: Use terms you can remember to launch and manage apps. Without touching your keyboard or mouse, you may “Launch Skype” or “launch Spotify.” VoiceAttack is also compatible with popular voice chat apps such as TeamSpeak and Ventrilo.
  • MANAGE YOUR Programs – Use terms you can recall to launch and control applications.
  • Many people have discovered ways to make their PCs easier and more entertaining to use by creating extremely powerful macros, which range from simple keystrokes on your keyboard to mouse actions even terminating virtual dialogues with text-to-speech.
  • The moment has arrived for virtual reality, and many people are using VoiceAttack with devices like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Leap Motion.
  • CREATE MACROS THAT ARE INSANE AND POWERFUL – Many people have discovered ways to make their PCs easier and more enjoyable to use, from a single keystroke on the keyboard to mouse clicks and full-fledged virtual chats using text-to-speech.

Pros And Cons:


  • A high level of recognition precision
  • The recognition accuracy in Mandarin Chinese is better than 97 percent, while it is greater than 90 percent in English.
  • Multiple languages and dialects are supported.
  • Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Bulgarian are among the 12 languages supported.
  • At the same time, we recognize a variety of Chinese dialects, such as Cantonese, Henan dialect, Sichuan dialect, and others.
  • Base coverage of a variety of industries.


  • It takes a few lines for the program to figure out what it’s saying. As a result, patience and clarity of expression are required in all situations.
  • Taking frequent pauses can have a negative impact on your mood.
  • Taking frequent breaks can affect your mood negatively.
  • Remember that the goal was to write faster than you could normally. Changes in voice tone or speech clarity can produce errors such as unrecognized words or acronyms.
  • It’s probable that the setup and training will take an extended period of time.
  • Despite claims that it will be ready to use in minutes, collecting your voice commands will take longer.
  • Getting your pitch and inflection just right can take some time.


voiceattack pro

voiceattack crack
System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine 5.1 for XP users.
  • Microphone.
  • Net Framework 3.5.

License Keys:

  • 5R45-D87D-WUJD-65DS SH23-02DDGGG
  • SN0O-LFDC-DSNN-V78Y-7888-JJK987KJH

What’s New In?

  • If it’s not too tough, check the mouthpiece’s likeness before contributing.
  • Convert them into a series of keystrokes and mouse motions after that.
  • A clock or an arbitrator is used to carry out a specified action. Start of the program, preparation of information, and standard activities
  • You may develop your own macros to successfully control your computer using a comprehensive toolkit.
  • It is designed to be used in the development of games and applications.
  • Change the order in which you speak into the mouthpiece with a series of keystrokes.
  • It will be more pleasurable if you add your sound as an additional regulator.
  • The command to speak into the mouthpiece is given to the software.
  • Each layer of the Windows experience, or your new SIM, should be drenched in a different way.

How To Install?

  • To begin, click the link or button to download the new version.
  • Note Close the Device Manager application.
  • Install the setup program on your C: drive.
  • Copy and paste the cracked files into the installation folder from the ‘Crack’ or ‘Patch’ folder.
  • After that, you may quickly upgrade to the most recent version.
  • Enjoy!

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